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Various Artists

First Light: Volume I

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Born out of the natural spaces bordering the Lake District and nurtured in the creative landscape of Manchester, the record label and visual arts platform, first light, is not constrained by genre or space. Co-founded by Liam Killeen and Rob Herissone-Kelly in 2017, the label has sought to emphasise a mantra of collaboration that parallels the digital generation from which it has emerged, transcending artistic and geographic boundaries.

First Light: Volume I serves as a document of First Light's first year, an embodiment of the present and an indication of the label’s future. Just as First Light’s scenic origins and urban surroundings play a role in its formation and growth, Volume I exists in two sonic worlds; marrying analogue and digital.

Music: Debondy, Wazoo, Troy No, Madison Willing, Roberto P. Siguera, Haoma, Ova

Artwork: Seren Radley

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