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Gongan is rooted in both technical innovation and emotional introspection. Rapid-fire percussion and glitching synths are pulled together in endlessly varied compositions that refuse to sit still as they lurch into new movements, all of which are underpinned by Dujat’s painstaking attention to detail with his production. Live instrumentation and voices are melded with distorted, grain-laden synths until neither are recognisable. Despite the forward-thinking sound design and virtuosic production, Gongan retains a human element, with sharp percussive layers offset by swelling ambient pads and delicate fluttering clicks and whirs that build a picture of a complex and well-rounded producer at the heart of the hardware.

Cover Art: Charles Dujat
Cello: Ecka Mordecai (With Him) - Rachel Nelken (Fin)
Voice: Guillaume Dujat (With Him) - Zia Ahmed (Lost) - Chris Calvert (Mt.ijk)
Additional Synth: Falk Morawitz (Mt.ijk)
Mastering: Noel Summerville

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