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German-born and Manchester-based sound artist, composer and producer Falk Morawitz combines the diversity of his interdisciplinary sonic explorations in his new Inertya project, which finds its home on First Light Records.

Designed to feel equally at home on the sub-heavy sound systems of haze-swamped warehouses and the intimacy of living room hi-fi setups, Inertya’s music draws on both the visceral energy of dancefloors and the technological thoughtfulness of modular synthesis. Anthemic techno and delicate experimentalism melt into each other in precisely constructed tracks, which efficiently and stylishly transcend electronic genre boundaries. This multi-faceted approach to production is second nature for Morawitz, who has a decade of diverse musical experience under his belt, spanning straight-ahead rave-ready techno, abstract experimental sound art and evocative, other-worldly soundtracks.


New Dawn is available now on all digital platforms. Buy it here.

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