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An insight into Kinn's formative years can be unraveled from his nickname “Dread”, originally given to him by his parents. Growing up in North London as a ‘constantly out of the house’ youth, he only had eyes on any counterculture he could find to defy the city's notorious empty capitalist centric mainstream culture, skateboarding, graffiti, and terrible punk bands which would only last 1-3 rehearsals (max). As a teenager he experienced the notorious 2011 Tottenham riots, which is often referenced in the artist's output and greatly informed their sensibilities. Barely an adult, he was confronted first hand with concepts of constant hostility and corruption which were seemingly welded to his surroundings, corruption formed by high rises and international political scandals taking place only a short journey away.

Stream/purchase Kinn's debut Anamnesis Landscape here

Stream/purchase the new Kinn LP Dogtooth here.

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