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Third Space

Third Space is a new monthly residency on Resonance Extra. Each month, we invite two artists to take an unplanned journey with a microphone, capturing their cities' unique soundscapes. Each featured artist will then weave these field recordings into a carefully curated mix of music from their locality, producing an intimate window into the sound of a city and its culture from an artist's perspective. 

Third Space with First Light Records is broadcast on Resonance Extra on the third Monday of every month at 2pm. Tune in on the Resonance Extra website, Radioplayer, or DAB digital radio (London, Bristol, Norwich, Brighton, and Cambridge only). 


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Third Space 002: London / Mexico City

Monday 15th November / 14:00 - 16:00

The first half of this month’s show comes courtesy of London-based field recordist and sound artist, Kate Carr, who paints a vibrant picture of the city’s sonic culture through music and fly-on-the-wall recordings of the lives that populate its boroughs. The sounds of excited Carnival-goers, street performers, and noodle bar customers punctuate an expert selection of tracks from London’s thriving experimental electronic scene. In the second hour, sound artist and researcher Leena Lee guides listeners through the streets of Mexico City. From rich choruses of bird calls and gently swelling ambient cuts, to the raucous techno that soundtracks the beating heart of the city’s nightlife, Lee captures the contrasts and contradictions of modern urban living in one of the most densely populated metropolitan areas in the world. 

Artwork by Bella Probyn

Part I: Kate Carr (London)



Breathing Grill (Field Recording of Thames Drain) - Kate Carr

Humidity - Kate Carr

Cosmic Hoover - Diet Terror

Tower Bridge - North Bascule Chamber - London Sound Survey

Fire (Live at Royal Festival Hall) - Osibisa

Stop -  Jonathan Higgins

Navigating Humans - Liz Helman

RocRast#67 - Pouya Ehsaei

Christian Street Singers Brixton - Field Recording - Kate Carr

Smoke Shot - Graham Dunning

Excited People going to Notting Hill Carnival - Field Recording - Kate Carr

Glass Teeth - Gom

Boys Playing Train Station Piano - Field Recording - Kate Carr

Zugzwang - Langham Research Centre

An Incident at the Visitor Centre - Tom White

Recording From a Croydon Noodle Bar - Field Recording - Kate Carr

What Came Before This - Lou Barnell 

Trip to Chinese Grocer - Field Recording - Kate Carr

Anne's Boat at High Tide on the Thames - Field Recording - Kate Carr

Part II: Leena Lee (Mexico City)


Zanates (field recording composition) - Leena Lee

Dreamless Sleep – Nima Ikki

On My Way- Grenda

I didn't get a lot of sleep in Mexico – Kate Carr

Solomon –Federico Sanchez Flores & Vania Fortuna 

Ataraxia – G. Guevara

Mercado (field recording composition) - Leena Lee

Camotero Car (field recording composition) - Leena Lee

Transubstantiation - Leena Lee

Marmol – Murcof

Flux – CNDSD

Nebulae – Laura Luna Castillo

Ultratumba (Duopanda Mix) - Terrestre

Deep Breath (Luis Flores Remix) – Cubenx

Cinco 5 – MHV

Tierras de Cristal (Tren)- Ana Paula Santana

Electricidad Metro Reforma (field recording composition) -  Leena Lee