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Sean Kinnear


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Senses was completed between a disused barn outside Bolton and a flat in Barcelona, but it was born in the haze-smothered Salford clubs where Sean Kinnear became versed in the mechanics of visceral dance music. It is this passionate self-education that allows Kinnear to toy with the tropes and traditions of club music throughout his debut EP, cleverly knitting together an array of electronic aesthetics until they resemble something entirely his own. 

It would be overly simplistic to define Senses as a techno release, even if the genre’s dusty neo-Detroit fingerprints are found all over its surface. Similarly, IDM is an unfitting label despite the glitchy influence of mid-90s Autechre and their contemporaries. The album, as hoped for by any original artist, defies any clear categorisation.

Mastered by Dominic Clare at Declared Sound.
Artwork by Max Howarth.

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