Featured Artist: Harry Frost

Harry Frost graduated from The University of Edinburgh in 2017 with a BA Honours in Fine Art: Painting. He currently lives and works in Derbyshire, UK. Examining the theme of memory, the artist explores how the medium of paint can help to visually represent its ultimately ‘ephemeral, fragmented and malleable nature’.


Medium: Oil paint and pastel on MDF board panel

“The creation of a painting allowed to me revisit past times and places and recollect the sensory and emotive references that contextualised the experience, enabling me to re-imagine the memory anew. Memories are elusive – fleeting glimpses of events, people, locations, textures, sensations emerge from the recesses of our mind, then fade and dissipate. It is this transient atmospheric mood that I seek to capture in my multiple layered, evocative tonal backgrounds. The mark-making in the foreground is created as a ‘memory drawing.’ I close my eyes, recall a particular time or event and with my eyes still closed I transmute my internal visualisation onto the work. I believe that closing my eyes enhances the emotional connection with my memories and the intuitive mark-making reflects the malleability of memory.”

To see more of Harry and his work, click here or follow him on Instagram @harryfrost.


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