Introducing Porter & May

Porter & May are a four-piece hailing from Preston and the newest addition to the first light group. Now with 2 EPs under their belt and having previously supported acts such as The Blow Monkeys, Lake Komo and The Rifles, the band is currently rounding up their own UK-wide tour.

Self-described as ‘anti-folk’ and ‘neo-psychedelic’, Porter and May’s sound is remarkably euphonious. Hauntingly beautiful vocal harmonies are provided by Hannah Cobb and Maria Toase (who double up as keyboard player and guitarist respectively), supported by bassist Liam Ogburn and Aidan Poland on drums.

The group’s 2016 debut, EP I, was delicate and serene - a fine gauze through which we might discern strands of Portishead, PJ Harvey and Pink Floyd. Opening track ‘Long Live You’, a pleasant paean to everything anthropoid, is imbued with the same self-assured cynicism which pervades their work to date. A product of a ‘time they can’t believe in’, the EP explores issues of love, identity and egotism in the present day.

In EP II, the timeless repose of ‘Talking About Myself’ makes way for the untrammelled drum beats of ‘2:10’ and a generally darker emotional resonance. ‘Mantra’ makes a departure from the measured pace of the first EP, launching the audience headlong into the typically unrelenting, caffeine-fuelled day of the ‘modern man’; ‘just take it easy’ they say - the madness abates. Of course, such platitudes are largely unavailing in the 21st century and before long the track returns to its former frenzied state. The band’s lyrical prowess is truly showcased in bonus track ‘Temple of the Muses’, a derisive piece about the sincerity of lovers which laments the apparent profusion of relationships built on clichés.

The band is already working on new material which will be premiered by first light in the coming months. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview.

To listen to Porter & May's music, click here.

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