Featured Artist: Megan Wakelam

Megan Wakelam graduated with a BA Honours in Fine Art: Painting from Plymouth University, the same city where she is now based. Seeking to represent the Earth from numerous perspectives at the same time, Megan uses ecological and chemical techniques that tie together the art and the content.

'Silent Explosion'

"The paradoxical combination of ecology and alchemy drives my work. The paintings I create depict ambiguous spaces and blurred perceptions of the earth and cosmos. Misty layers reveal aerial views and microscopic substances; fusing the boundary of microcosm and macrocosm. The resulting imagery fills the work with suggestions rather than facts. Emerging patterns, that occur through the paint and chemical processes I deploy, hint at horizons, landmasses and atmospheres. Transient hazes speak of distance and intimacy as the viewer’s sense of perception alters through the journey of observing the work."

To see more of Megan's work, click here.

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