September Releases

Cinema Within – Silhouettes

Cinema Within is the solo-project of Mirza Begovic, also a member of the post-rock band Gullwing, of the Tampa Bay area. As an alias like his suggests, his music provides precisely those moments of soul-sweeping introspection that one would expect from a film score orchestrated by Hans Zimmer. Through poignant piano progressions, weighty cello and ethereal synth, ‘Departed’ finds expression where there are no words.


Giyo – Shallow Water EP

A compilation of unfinished projects from the past 10 years, Shallow Water EP is yet another satisfying insight into the eternally inquisitive mind of multi-instrumentalist Olly Guy. Straddling downtempo, trip-hop and world music, his sound is reminiscent of Emancipator. From the effortlessly cool ‘Deep Trouble’ to the visceral downtempo electronica of ‘Need to See You’, Giyo’s sound is both infinitely variable and perennially listenable.


Kryshe – March of the Mysterious

Written as an accompaniment to the 1915 silent film ‘Alice in Wonderland’, Kryshe’s LP doesn’t stop short of pulling you down the rabbit hole into the German composer’s own auditory wonderland. The monochromatic motion-picture is at once transformed by dazzling hues and elaborate textures. An approximation of Eno and Budd and Nils Petter Molvaer, Kryshe blends avant-jazz, neo-classical and ambient electronic elements to create an aural adventure that is as enchanting as Lewis Carrol’s classic.


My Cat Is Flying - mycatisflying

At a mere 10 minutes long, My Cat Is Flying’s eponymous debut LP leaves the listener in a state of wistful narcosis. Producing Lo-Fi experimental hip-hop beats for the first time under this moniker, the Italian producer (A.K.A DayKoda) demonstrates his technical ability and painstaking attention to detail through 7 brief tracks which tear up the formula.

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