Featured Artist: Ella Yolande

Last week we released two new tracks from espher featuring vocals from Dream English Kid. Accompanying the double A-side single is a series of four video stills from Edinburgh-based artist Ella Yolande.

Currently studying Intermedia at Edinburgh School of Art, Ella’s practice is interdisciplinary in nature, involving a combination video, photography, sculpture and installation.


“I’m really interested in the interaction between sculpture, moving image and sound and how these can come together in a space. Through my work I have been exploring ideas around changing technologies, digital culture and its connection and impact on our memories; as well as areas of humanities interaction with natural forces and perception of the world through connection to mythology.

Alongside this more focused practice there has been an ongoing experimentation and desire to create moving image for music. Often I extract small pieces from a larger body of work to manipulate and abstract them into imagery that can start to echo the audio. It’s really exciting when sound and visuals come together and heighten each other.”


Check out more of Ella’s work here, and listen to Soma // Neptune here.

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