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Anamnesis Landscape

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Kinn’s debut LP, Anamnesis Landscape, sees the London-based producer explore dense and challenging concepts with an equally rich and well-considered sonic palette. Hypnotic electronics are woven into brooding drones throughout the album, which finds itself between density and sparsity, inviting listeners to tread the line between comfort and discomfort.

Anamnesis explores the supposed notion that habit is informed by a previous existence and collective shared experience. It is believed by many sacred teachings that this knowledge is stored in the Landscape, lending a sense of divinity and sacred to mundane physical objects.

"Really great work...production is on point and the tracks are good too"
James Kelly/WIFE (Tri-Angle, Profound Lore)

Mark Leckey (Warp, Turner Prize 2008)

"It's a really great record, great concept and I learned a lot from how your arrangements unfold, really clever composition"
Fis (Tri-Angle, Subtext)

“A maelstrom of dark and disparate clouds pricked by tiny gaps of light and humour. Perfect atmosphere.”
Skinny Pelembe (Blue Note, Brownswood)

“It’s really well put together”
Rory Bowens (NTS) 


Written, Performed. Produced & Mastered by F.Lomas during 2018-2020. Additional Engineering by S.Duncan on Tracks 4, 5 & 7. Track 4 features recordings of the 1877 Union Chapel Organ, arranged by (with thanks) Goldsmiths University Music Dept.

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