Troy’s music is interdisciplinary in nature, drawing on electronica, dark ambient and lo-fi textures to create a synth-heavy, industrial-tinged electronic soundscape that feels at home in the cold of his native Ottawa, Canada. This interconnection of environment and sound is no coincidence; a keen field recorder, Troy is keen to sonically reflect the world he occupies. A modular synth enthusiast, Troy has become accustomed to early starts to work on his music before working late as a line cook in order to facilitate his creative endeavours, a routine that pushes him to find aural and conceptual inspiration wherever it occurs.


‘Autonomous’ is the culmination of Troy’s interdisciplinary mindset; drawing on influences from across electronic music, poetry, literature and photography, as well as the processes of meditation and yoga, the EP’s diverse conceptual roots can be felt in its creative sound design and structure. Conceptually, the EP is largely focused around the (perhaps unexpected) crossover between modular synthesis and the natural world. Troy remains endlessly fascinated by the ability of technological devices such as synthesisers to resonate organically, a fascination that has driven much of his thought in the creative process behind this project. 

Artwork by Troy No. 

Mastered by Hidden Sounds.