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Artboard 1@4x Gongan Remixed.png


Gongan Remixed

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Following the release of his 2019 EP, Gongan, Dujat's masterful sound design and forward-thinking production drew recognition from some of the most exciting voices in electronic music. It is their exploration of Dujat's intricate soundscape that First Light is pleased to present on the Gongan Remixed EP. 

Opening the five-track collection is a new perspective on 'With Him' from fast-rising electronic composer Piksel, who twists the track into a textured piece of ambient techno. Dan Valentine, One half of Modern Love's Rainer Veil, provides a spacey, dub-flavoured rethinking of 'Artifice', which is followed by a thunderous, no-holds-barred revision of 'Lost' from emerging Manchester producer Leo. Hyperdub's Loraine James strips back 'Lost' to it's punchy, relentless foundations and shines a light on Zia Ahmed's powerful vocal performance, the content of which feels more pertinent than ever. Closing the EP is Belgian producer Adriaan de Roover's rearrangement of 'With Him', for which he draws out delicate textures from Dujat's dense sonic palette. 

Gongan Remixed is available to purchase here. All proceeds will be split between Arts Emergency and Seed Studios

Mastering: Noel Summerville

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