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Touching Space Remixed

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Following his tone-setting debut, Wazoo recruits a diverse team of electronic talent both established and emerging for this five-track remix EP inspired by the evocative atmosphere he created on 'Touching Space'.

Wazoo's debut heard praise from all corners of the electronic community, including from Berlin dub techno stalwart and pillar of Hard Wax, Substance AKA DJ Pete, who provides a sub-thumping rework of Ghost. He is joined by fast-rising cumbia and dub techno producer, Joaquín Cornejo, whose move to Berlin can be heard in his deep ambient rework of Honest. Persona gets three unique takes: from Bastakiya Tapes resident Skru, who twists it into a off-kilter shuffler, First Light Records' own Dujat, who brings his complex programming and experimental sound design and label newcomer Sean Kinn, who dismantles the track a puts it back together as a spacey, minimal re-imagining.

Touching Space Remixed is available to purchase here.

Mastering: Noel Summerville

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